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File of complaint

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) provides users with this informative guide in a questions / answers format, to provide clarification regarding the possibility of appeals and complaints in cases of disputes and to ascertain anticompetitive practices.

The customer should first make a complaint directly to the sales office of the telecom operator or send it by registered mail.

The customer will also need to enquire about the time and conditions of admissibility of the claim, especially if it is a claim on an invoice.

Article 19 of Decree No. 2-05-772 governing the referral procedure of ANRT for disputes, anti-competitive practices and economic concentrations, allows the customer through a customer association recognized as a public utility, to refer to the ANRT if anticompetitive practices are found.

The agency also has the power to be referred to by the Head of Government, a telecom operator, a provider of value added services and on its own initiative, pursuant to Article 8 bis of Law No. 24-96.