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Technical inspection

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency is responsible for ensuring compliance with the technical equipment and telecommunications operators with the requirements and standards set by the regulations.

The Central Laboratory of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency is responsible for the following:

  • Carrying out tests and measures to control the frequency spectrum including monitoring and spectral analysis;
  • Carrying out tests and measures to assess the technical compliance of facilities; networks and telecommunications of terminal equipment;
  • Implementing new technologies demonstration platforms;
  • Carrying out the tests required by the type approval service;
  • Ensuring the maintenance for the tests and measures equipment.

As part of this component, the ANRT is in charge of :

  • Developing and implementing action plans to control the commercialization of telecommunications equipment and value-added services providers;
  • Carrying out the technical evaluation of terminal equipment and radio installations conformity ;
  • Supervising the commercialization of terminal equipment and radio equipment (disputed advertisement, on reports, samples) ;
  • Controlling value added service providers ;
  • Cooperating with governments and governmental authorities to control the market for telecommunications equipment and the supervision of value-added service providers ;
  • Supervising leased lines and facilities of telecommunications traffic diversion (IP installations) ;
  • Drafting decisions governing the control of commercialization activity ;
  • Supervising and participating in the regulation of encryption methods ;
  • Defining and adapting the legal framework for the sites' control and management and the establishment of procedures for sharing sites and infrastructure ;
  • Proposing technical solutions to issues and complaints logged by operators to the ANRT on the use of sites and infrastructure sharing in the context of the regulation in force ;
  • Defining the terms of reference for the acquisition of test equipment required to supervise the commercialization activity ;
  • Developing, adapting and updating the technical procedures for carrying out measurements for each equipment category.

As part of the control of networks and radio installations, the ANRT
is in charge of:

  • Providing and implementing inspection action plans of networks and radio installation ;
  • Inspecting the compliance of independent radio networks ;
  • Inspecting the compliance of radio stations including amateur radios, ships station and aircrafts station as well as broadcasting station according to the coordination procedures agreed upon with the HACA ;
  • Inspecting the compliance of radio electrical emissions consisting of spectrum radio-monitoring to detect any illicit use or to check the spectral occupation ;
  • Processing complaints of harmful interferences ;
  • Measuring the effects of radiation on health ;
  • Preparing, organizing and supervising examinations to certificate ship station and radio amateur station radio-operators ;
  • Providing, adapting and updating the technical procedures for carrying out the measures for each type of inspection ;
  • Drafting the technical specifications for the equipment to be acquired ;
  • Ensuring compliance with the ERPT (Public Telecommunications Network Operator) commitments, relating to quality of service (QoS), set in their specifications ;
  • Preparing and keeping track of the annual surveys process to assess the QoS of public telecommunications networks in Morocco
  • Keeping in line with the international experience in assessing the QoS and the works of UIT's CE2.

Handling the technical aspects of complaints and claims received from operators regarding the degradation of QoS observed at the interconnection points.

As part of its mandate, the ANRT processes licenses (public telecommunications networks), authorizations (independent networks), declarations (providers of value-added services) and approvals (telecommunications equipment) to telecom operators in Morocco. These acts include commitments in the form of technical and administrative specifications required to ensure proper functioning of equipment and networks as well as operation of telecommunications services in a harmonized and favourable environment for users and for the industry in general.

Technical control includes a set of actions and interventions, upstream or downstream of networks, telecommunications equipment or services to collect technical parameters to ensure their compliance over authorizations issued by the ANRT.