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The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) provides users with this informative guide on the advertising content provided by telecom operators. This guide, written in a question / answer format sheds some light on the obligations of transparency and information which are subject telecom operators in this area.

The terms of advertising and display of information to customers by operators are regulated by Order No. 649-07 on advertising and customer information on telecommunications services.

Obligation of information

Operators must inform the public of the rates and general and specific conditions of their offerings, as well as any amendment made to their initial conditions.

Harmonize the method of displaying essential clauses of the offers

They must specify at least the following information:

  • The exact description of the proposed offer;
  • Rates that include all taxes;
  • The minimum duration or commitment related to the offer;
  • Access conditions to the offer including the necessary equipment on the customer end;
  • In cases where specific equipment is essential for a proposed offer to work, its binding characteristics and its price (all inclusive of taxes).

Principles of fairness and clarity

Telecom carriers and Suppliers of Value Added Services must comply with the principles of fairness and clarity in their advertising to avoid creating a gap between advertising content, understanding the customer and the offer as proposed at the time of signing the contract.