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Service Quality

In accordance with the regulations in force as part of its mandate, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) regularly monitors the quality of service (QoS) performed by telecom operators.

Monitoring the quality of service is achieved using two approaches:

  • KPI Analysis dashboards (Key Performance Indicators) or those submitted at the request of the ANRT on the occasion of significant or unusual events;
  • Launching on location measurements campaigns to assess the quality of service as perceived by users.

This is how the ANRT regularly conducts measurement campaigns and QoS survey indicators on the basis of significant samples. These indicators are primarily intended to ensure the accessibility, continuity, availability and reliability of service. They concern both voice (failure rate, cut-off rate, success rate...) on the transmission of data (reception rate, transmission rate, data error rate...) and are designed to ensure satisfactory level of QoS to users.

In order to ensure the representativeness of measurements and reliability of the results, each campaign is based on a significant sample (number of measurements, cities, services...). The measurements are performed intuitively and at random, according to a protocol of measures adopted by the ANRT for an assessment of the quality of service, as actually perceived by the user.