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Access and unbundling

In accordance with the Government’s general note of orientation, since 2007 unbundling has become a regulatory requirement for the incumbent operator. Unbundling then became a reality on July 8th 2008, as seen in the full unbundling of Maroc Telecom’s local loop after approval of the reference offer of unbundling local loop by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT).

The role of ANRT is to monitor and ensure that the pricing and operational conditions proposed by the incumbent operator (Maroc Telecom) to access the local loop are favourable to promote a fair and sustainable competition between operators in the sector.

ANRT is especially empowered to impose modifications on the incumbent operator’s reference offer for unbundling.

It should be noted that ANRT ensures that all stakeholders, especially telecommunications operators, are involved in both the rate approval process and defining the operational conditions for access to the local loop proposed by the incumbent operator in its reference offer.

For more information on unbundling, this document provides answers to frequently asked questions.