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Autorisation des stations aéronautiques

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) is responsible for the licensing of aeronautical stations.

  • 1. Specifications for the establishment and operation of aeronautical stations in Morocco, duly filled out, signed and stamped.
  • 2. A request for the establishment and operation of an aeronautical station, duly signed and stamped by the owner. The request must clearly state the nature of the station and the identity of the technical network installer.
  • 3. An installation letter by which the designated technical installer attests they will resort to the installation of the station or, alternatively, attach a copy of the order or contract binding the installer and the applicant.
  • 4. For all applications other than Governments' and public institutions':
    • a. A legalized copy of the national identity card of the person signing the application;
    • b. A copy of the declaration of the company owning the station from the commercial register;
    • c. A certificate of registration of the company owning the station's professional license ("Patente") (dated within 3 months).

In accordance with the regulations, the establishment and operation of aeronautical stations installed in the country for the purpose of "air to ground" and/or "ground to air" data exchange and related aeronautical stations installed on aircrafts, are subject to prior authorization by the ANRT.

The license holder must have a representative established in Morocco. Applications for authorization should be submitted by said representation.

Any authorization granted to a holder bears no privilege and cannot preclude so that similar authorizations are later granted to other applicants.

Message data exchanges should be limited to "air to ground" and / or "ground to air" communications whose content is limited to the exchange of aeronautical administrative communications and facilitation flights data, for the exclusive and operational needs of the contracting company.

Operating procedures must comply with the standards and recommendations of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) with regard to aeronautical telecommunications.

The operation of aeronautical stations onboard aircrafts must not cause harmful interference to other navigation equipment.

The aeronautical station must be operated by qualified staff holding a Restricted Operator Certificate.

The license holder must pay, within the time limits, all fees and charges relating to granting of the authorization, including control costs and charges for frequency assignment, in accordance with Article 9 Law No. 24-96 as amended and supplemented, and the provisions of Decree No. 623-08 of 26 March 2008, relating to fees for frequency assignment.