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Autorisation des réseaux indépendants filaires

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) is responsible for the licensing of independent radio networks.

An authorization is required for the establishment of an independent wired network using international leased lines. This network, whose at least one end is located abroad, is established by a business with multiple legal entities such as companies, subsidiaries or branches.

The administrative application file consists of the following parts:

  • 1. An official request, duly signed and stamped by the owner. It must specify the nature of the network and the identity of the technical installer.
  • 2. An installation letter by which the designated technical network installer certifies he/she will install the network. It may be attached with a copy of the contract signed between the applicant and the installer.
  • 3. For all applications other than those made by public administrations and institutions, Embassies, Consular Corps and international or intergovernmental organizations located in Morocco: a legalized copy the applicant's national identity card and, in cases where the applicant is a corporation, a copy of the trade register.
  • 4. For shared use independent networks, all documentation justifying that all entities that shall use the network are legally bound.
  • 5. A solemn agreement.
  • 6. A check payable to the ANRT stating the nature of the costs and expenses including the application-processing fee.
  • 7. Technical Paper: Authorization Application.
  • 8. A detailed technical paper of the network explaining:
    • a. The reasons for its creation and the need to use specific technical means, other than those offered by existing telecommunications networks;
    • b. Network configuration, specifying the main transmission sites;

The possible need to be connected to ERPT and the interfaces used for this purpose as well as the endpoints.

A wired independent network is a network using the means of transmission by wire or fibre optic guide. Connections of this type of network can be either be physically installed by the owner of the network who then has its own infrastructure, or use international leased lines. Wired independent networks are subject to two different procedures depending on whether the wired independent network uses its own infrastructure, or international leased lines.