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The training mission entrusted to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) is provided by the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT), considered today as one of the great engineering schools operating in Morocco and providing training for specialized telecom and information technology senior managers.

The profound change experienced by the world of information technology and communication, particularly the telecommunications, extends and renews the permanent ambition of the school, to develop and promote R and D activities.

The INPT implements all the means to develop and carry out research in the field of Telecommunications through:

  • A research laboratory uniting INPT's main research activities. This laboratory is designed to accommodate large research projects where entire teams, units or research networks work on;
  • Teaching and research departments involving teachers researchers in four research specialties;
  • Encouraging the participation of teachers researchers to R & D projects based on multidisciplinary and complementarity;
  • Partnerships with reputed graduate schools, accredited and certified high-level research laboratories ;
  • Creating R & D partnerships, including projects with domestic telecom operators, large of research and development groups, education and national and international research institutions;
  • Organizing international conferences.

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The engineering training is at the heart of INPT's educational project. The challenge is to train engineers of high scientific and technical level with leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation skills.

In addition, the school is increasingly open to international students and to developing training curricula in languages and communication. To this end, the INPT strongly supports the mobility of its students through the pursuit of their third year of studies in French engineering schools.

The INPT also provides, at the request of companies, short-term training in the fields of Telecommunications and Information Technology for organizations wishing to develop their employees' skills.

The training and research is currently one of the main activities of the school. In fact, by its participation in joint R & D projects launched by the Commission Spécialisée Permanente dans le domaine des Télécommunications (CSPT) and the operators, the INPT positions itself as an institution of reference in the field of R & D in Information Technology.

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Reporting to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications is a higher education institution that is now part of an overall vision for the development of IT in Morocco.

Created in 1961, its primary purpose was to train application engineers to move in 1991 towards  engineers and researcher education in the fields of information technology, by offering Master and  Doctoral degrees as well as skills training and high-level executives training through Specialized Master programs.

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Specialized Master Programs take place over a period of 24 months. They are aimed at managers with 4 or 5 year of graduate studies in the public or private higher education sector wishing to deepen their knowledge in the areas of Telecommunications and Information Technology level.

Master in Web Technology: Systems, Services and Security (TW3S)

This Master program is taught in partnership with Telecom Bretagne - France. Its goal is to train skills that accompany the never-ending evolution of the information technology sector including the design and management of services and secure information systems.

Specialized Master Telecom Program for Managers (MT)

This Master is taught in partnership with Telecom & Management Sud Paris - France. Its goal is to train network architects, services designers, project leaders and managers able to define, implement and evaluate economic, efficient and sustainable solutions. Upon completion of the training, graduates are prepared to integrate teams of service providers, operators, or manufacturers. This training also opens the door to the field of consultancy.

Specialized Master in Networks and Services

This Master is taught in partnership with Telecom & Management Sud Paris - France. Its goal is to train specialists able to carry out technological projects and services. It meets the expectations of different stakeholders in the economy: companies, suppliers of equipment and services and network operators.

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