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Multiple bodies contribute to the good governance of the National Agency of Telecommunications (ANRT): The Board of Directors chaired by the Head of Government and the Management Committee.

A Board of Directors to guide the Agency’s actions.

ANRT’s Board of Directors is chaired by the Head of Government or the governmental authority that has been chosen to delegate this position.

Meetings of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet whenever required and at least twice yearly:

  • Before May 31st to settle financial statements for the year ended;
  • Before October 31st to adopt the budget for the coming year.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

In accordance with Article 34 of Law n° 24-96, the Agency’s Board of Directors has all of the authority and attributions necessary to carry out the missions entrusted to ANRT. During these meetings, it determines the authority delegated to the Management Committee and the General Director of ANRT in order to prepare and implement the actions decided during meetings. It deliberates ANRT’s activities, especially:

  • The status of staff;
  • The budget of ANRT and its execution;
  • Operating expenses and equipment of the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications;
  • Monitoring and management methods of the radio spectrum.

The Board of Directors may also decide to set up any committee to whom it would delegate a share of its authority in addition to determining its composition and operation methods.

Members of the Board of Directors

Chaired by the Head of Government or the delegated authority to undertake this function, ANRT’s Board of Directors consists of representatives from the Government as well as persons appointed on a personal basis. Government representatives of ANRT’s Board of Directors are:

  • The Head of Government
  • The Minister of the Interior ;
  • The Secretary General of the Government ;
  • The Minister of Economy and Finance ;
  • The Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Staff Training ;
  • The Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and information technologies ;
  • The Minister of Communication ;
  • The Minister of the Administration of National Defense ;
  • Minister of the General Affairs of the Government.
  • In case of absence or incapacity, governmental authorities may be represented by the Secretary General of their department or by a civil servant with the rank of Director.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors also has five people appointed on a five-year term. These are selected personalities from both the public and private sectors for their proven competence in their respective field.

Management Committee

In its meetings, the ANRT Management Committee will settle issues sent by the Board of Directors, especially those related to settling disputes on interconnection. The Board of Directors appoints committee members. They are :

  • M. Mohamed El Hajjoui, President
  • M. Noureddine BOUTAYEB
  • M. Abdelghni LAKHDAR
  • M. Abderrafi ERROUIHANE
  • M. Ahmed RAHHOU
  • M. Mohammed HORANI
  • ANRT Director General, Reporter.