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The National Agency of Telecommunications Regulation (ANRT) aims to participate in the preparation of legislation and regulations governing the telecommunications sector. The Agency has the necessary authority to develop its own initiative or proposals at the request of the competent government authority to adapt the legal, economic, and security framework to carry out telecommunications activities.

A wide scope for appropriate regulatory actions

As part of its mission of sector regulation, ANRT is responsible for preparing draft laws, decrees, and ministerial orders concerning the legal status of the activities of various operators in the telecommunications sector. To do so, the Agency is vested with powers of legal, technical, and economic regulation.

The power of legal regulation

Using its legal regulatory authority, ANRT supports the dynamism of a competitive market to help stakeholders better achieve their goals. It does so by raising barriers to sector growth or even imposing provisions for the common good. In particular, the Agency is responsible for:

  • Contributing to the proposal of legal framework governing the telecommunications sector through the preparation of draft laws, decrees, and ministerial orders;
  • Conducting and implementing license allocation and examination procedures through competitive bidding procedures;
  • Granting authorization and receipt of prior statements to establish independent networks;
  • Developing and implementing procedures relating to the management of the .ma Internet domain and electronic certification.

The power of technical regulation

The power of technical regulation has made ANRT responsible for developing standards and the enforcement thereof. In particular, ANRT is responsible for:

  • Determining technical specifications and administrative approval of terminal equipment radio installations intended to be connected to a public telecommunications network;
  • Managing scarce resources, including the radio frequency spectrum and numbering resources;
  • Quality control and monitoring operator commitments in terms of coverage.

The power of economic regulation

To ensure conditions for fair competition and to support sustainable development in the telecommunications sector, the Agency has the authority to intervene in the market in case of suspicion of abuse.

To ensure the economic regulation of the sector, ANRT is authorized to:

  • Approve operators’ technical offers and interconnection pricing;
  • Ensure compliance of fair competition in the sector;
  • Resolve any disputes between operators;
  • Monitor the development of the Information Technologies sector on behalf of the Government.