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The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) is represented by the General Director, who acts on its behalf. He or she is assisted in his or her duties by the heads of various Agency bodies. A Board of Directors oversees the functions of the Agency, and a Management Committee rules on matters received from the Board of Directors.

The leadership has the authority necessary to provide for the Agency’s good governance

Appointed by Dahir (Royal Decree), the General Director of ANRT has the authority and accreditations necessary to administrate the Agency and implement all actions in respect to the decisions of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee.

Acting on behalf of the Agency, the Director General is the institution’s representative in dealings with the Government, public administration, third parties, and stakeholders, as well as before the courts for bringing forward any action to defend the Agency’s interests.

Every year in May at the latest, the Director General of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency sets up the annual report of the Agency’s activities during the past year, including an overview of the application of regulations in the technology and information field in Morocco. Submitted to the Head of Government, this report is published in the Official Bulletin.

The General Director may delegate any of the authority conferred to him to Agency officials for the activities for which responsible.

… and operational and functional services.

To successfully carry out its missions, ANRT has hired high-level, multi-disciplinary, and effective human resources to manage the technical and legal issues specific to the telecommunications sector in order to ensure regulation favourable development of market conditions.

The organization of ANRT meets both its working requirements as well as those of good governance. Simple and functional, the Agency’s structure enables the planning, implementation, and support of the sector’s regulation strategy.