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The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) shall foster and sustain market conditions favourable to sector development to make telecommunications more accessible to customers and to position Morocco as a leading player in the field of information technology.

For a competitive, open, and prosperous telecommunications market

Aware of the challenges facing Information and Communication Technologies in the late 1990’s, the Kingdom of Morocco committed to an ambitious policy to develop and modernize  the telecommunications sector in order to make it a major regional actor.  

To ensure the sector’s sustainable growth by allowing new actors to enter the market, the Government of Morocco was equipped with a regulatory body to guarantee good market conditions for competitiveness and transparency. In 1998, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) was born.

Through effective regulation ensuring the transparency of market practices, ANRT shall preserve and develop conditions for fair competition for the benefit of customers.

For universal access to telecommunications

The access of all to telecommunications services is a national priority. By both initiating and working in several programs aimed at universal access to telecommunications, ANRT works to eliminate ‘white zones’, i.e. areas that are unreachable by telecommunications services.