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Broadband: Morocco/South Korea exchange workshop

“Broadband and ultra-broadband access: Overview of international best practices” was the theme of the workshop held July 7th, 2011 in Rabat.

Organized by ANRT in collaboration with the World Bank and the South Korea Communications Commission (KCC), the meeting shed light on ICT developments in South Korea, who since 2003 has been “the most connected country in the world.”

Stakeholders have shed light on this phenomenon where the Internet is seen as not only a physical network but also as a lever for transforming the social and economic life of a country. South Korea is not an isolated case in Asia, on the contrary, but the country has taken a lead over its neighbours to become a new “model”.

Beyond these singular traits, the Korean experience in Internet use is a new global avatar of the implementation of the “information revolution”, understood as a process that is rapidly reshaping the material foundations of entire societies.