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The National Plan of Frequencies updated

The new National Plan of Frequencies (PNF) was adopted and published in the Official Bulletin of the Kingdom of Morocco. Developed pursuant to Decree No. 2-16-800 of 28 September 2016, this plan constitutes a reference document, which specifies, for each frequency band, the radiocommunication services authorized at national level. It takes into account international regulations (Regulations of Radiocommunications, recommendations of the International Union of Telecommunications), current uses of frequencies in Morocco, perspectives of their evolution and the identified needs of frequencies. The PNF aims at giving the necessary visibility for the users of frequencies (current and potential) and allows to direct their choices on technologies and wavebands to be exploited. PNF was published in the Official bulletin of the Kingdom on April 06th, 2018 by decision of the Head of government n°12-18, after its examination and approval by the Board of Directors of ANRT during its session of December 20th, 2017.