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ANRT supports its Board of Directors

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency held its Board of Directors meeting on Monday, July 11th in Rabat.

In particular, the Board discussed the implementation of the ANRT budget for the 2011 fiscal year and the provisions of the General Guidelines Memorandum for the development of the telecommunications sector in 2013.

The Prime Minister expressed the interest taken by Government in the “Maroc Numeric 2013” plan that aims to provide the country with the latest generation technologies. He has also noted the government’s efforts to reduce telephone rates and guarantee their quality and accessibility for all social strata.

Azdine El Mountassir Billah, Director General of ANRT, also confirmed the continuation of the positive rate changes in telecom markets. This good situation encourages subscribers to invest more in the sector.

Finally, a study is about to be launched on the establishment of a national plan to promote ultra-broadband. The project falls within the framework of the implementation of the General Guidance Memorandum for sector development.